I believe in Jihaad…

… if love is the weapon! That’s how the first song of Motherjane’s latest album, Jihad, ends. And that is the leitmotif throughout the song. How some people, or more specifically the band called Motherjane, believe that love can be used as a ’weapon’ to change people. I, however, beg to differ on some points.

For one, only one form of love cannot be the answer. The situation might require you to be totally devoted, partially attentive, or to show some hard love, which will bring an erring person back to the ways of the ’good’ world. Then again, things do not always work that way.

But today’s post is not about that. I had begun writing with the intent of dissecting the song Jihad, which happens to have the same name as its album. In the process, I had also intended to drag in the likes of Indian Ocean and Faridkot, and compare their genres.

For now, let’s just analyse Jihad, the song. The basic info is that it is intended to be the OST (original sound track, for the uninitiated) of a film called Anwar. (Yes, I know we had another recent film called Anwar whose song Maula Mere has not yet faded from the minds of people, but this Anwar is different. Hopefully.) This song is sung by a ban called Motherjane, who I first heard about when downloading free music off Indian Ocean’s website. The latter were giving away the songs of their album 16/330 Khajoor Road for free. They still are, at the time of writing this blog.

I went to Motherjane’s official website, and downloaded their previous two albums, which I got for free. All I had to do was provide my e-mail address, which meant that I had not heard the last of them. Most of the songs turned out to be totally ROCK. Alas! Where was the ’Carnatic’ influence that had been promised? Or, at least mentioned in the band’s portfolio?

Now don’t be disappointed yet! If you are a total rock fan, and like classic rock, Motherjane may be a godsend for you! For lesser mortals like me, who like a smattering of Indian touches in songs sung by Indians, the song is a bot of a letdown. Especially after Indian oceans thinks that the band is big enough to be promoted.

For the rock lovers, there is a lot of good news. Jihad, the song, follows the pattern of all rock songs. The quintessential instruments are all present. The guitar riffs, the voice modulations are all there. Even the guitar solo does justice to the song!

And therein lies my ’protest’, if you can call it so. The song begins with a typical Indian touch to it. But this touch is just not retained! As a result, the song does not work the magic that Indian Ocean’s Khajuraho, Kandisa, After The War or Jhini, or the other songs, work. At least for me. The rock spirit is there. The Indian spirit is there.

My reading here is that Motherjane, as a band, is good at rock. And I mean, really good! They seem to have a good band going here, their lyrics are deep, and they have a lot of potential. However, when it comes to the Indian audience, Indian Ocean still rules the roost! Don’t believe me? Just listen to Bandeh from Black Friday. The way the tempo progresses, the way the song adheres to the grammar of a rock song and the way it incorporates Indian elements is definitely worth emulating!

And yet, I am not crossing out Motherjane yet!

As for those of you who think rock music is nothing but a noise, think again! Wasn’t the first song actually a piece of noise that someone other than the singer found melodious or just worth repeating? Wasn’t that how songs began and evolved? Isn’t that why songs exist today?

PS: If you have any comments, please make them here. I would like to have them all in one place rather than searching for all of them all over the internet, including social networking sites. That’s just a request, by the way.

Happy reading, and have a nice life, folks!


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