The good, bad and ugly of CWG

India moved to within one gold medal of its record total tally of gold medals at the Commonwealth Games by the end of day’s proceedings on Monday. However, seeing the kind of energy with which people are following the games and how it is turning out to be a success story, at least in terms of medals, for India, I now have a serious dilemma.

Before the games had begun, people had been condemning how the preparations that led up to the CWG had been mired in controversy. And then, someone had spoken about how, if the CWG turned out to be a success, all these ’stories’ would be frgotten. And that is exactly what I am afraid of!

It’s like what happened in Khairlanji, a remote village in Maharashtra. an entire family of dalits was apparently brutally murdered by higher caste people. The incident shocked the nation, and moved the dalits to demand action, more legislature in favour of them, and what not! /as a college student, I read all about them. A few years later, when the actual case was under way, all that was mentioned in the newspapers was how a certain witness had turned hostile on one day, and how another simply parroted on "I can’t remember" in reply to the prosecutor’s quesries!

Now, I am a brahmin, but right now, or EVER, I care about people suffering when they should not. That is thanks to my upbringing, and I thank my father for it, who ingrained several qualities in me before and since my mother (how do I describe it?) was picked by God as a beautiful flower from this garden called earth more than 13 years ago. But thanks to my father, and whatever my mother had taught me, and also to my school, I learn NOT to discriminate.

And thanks to one very ’fair’ but considerate vice principal in school, I learnt that the guilty should be punished, but not in a way that further pushes them into the path of guilt. It’s a totally different story altogether that I was punished by him for something I didn’t do but owned up to save the hides of some people who I considered to be my ’friends’.

It was his fairness that I tried to imbibe and inculcate within myself. And it is that sense of fairness that tells me now that even if the CWG is a success, let the guilty not be spared. But I have a nagging premonition here that that is exactly what is going to happen. There just might be some inquiry, but the electronic media, the most powerful of all forms of visual media, will report about it only at the ’key junctures’, like when a report by an ’investigation committee’ is submitted, or when someone is called for interrogation. That is where this will be relegated, I think. Just like the Khairlanji trials.

Then again, people have been wrong, and I am no God, am I?

If you have any comments, please feel free to post them here. Those in the previous few comments have gone a loooooooooooooong way to lift my spirits. Thanks to all those who visited too!


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  1. Shuvayu Bandyopadhyay
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 07:02:09

    Fr. Pathickal? Yeah! He was so cool! Everything has gone mostly downhill after that, and after Fr. Thomas left.. oh, well….

    The media (with a few exceptions) just wants to feed people news that will get them excited and jumping up and down, pointing at people (other than themselves) saying “Shame on him!”. Once the spice is gone, they choose not to cover the story anymore.. Rather they jump on something else which will increase their viewership.


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