Just thinking…

There are times when I like to just think things through, and they get complicated. There are times when logic contradicts itself. Here’s one such instances.

Tansen and Baiju Bawra were both singers. They had a competition, and Tansen finally conceded defeat, going on to say that Baiju was the better singer. And that is where I am confused. Who actually is the better singer?

You see, just by conceding defeat, Tansen has proved that he has humility, which many deny him in other versions of the story. Second, Baiju was someone who had undergone a lot of grief in life, and they say that no diamond can be formed without a lot of heat and pressure.

Therefore, assuming that the grief in life that Baiju experienced actually helped him become a better singer. On the other hand, all Tansen had was God’s gift. There was no grief in his life that could define why he sang so well. Now, considering that God’s gift is bigger a thing than human grief, doesn’t that make Tansen a better singer than Baiju?

I wonder…


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