Music Therapy

Honestly, it doesn’t happen often. However, it did for me. That is why I keep exulting the values of music.

A couple of days ago, I was extremely down and out. and then I rediscovered the magic of Rammstein’s Eskimo and Egypt, both the instrumental and vocal versions. While the drumming parts gave me enough opportunity to mime the beats the drummer would have implemented, the guitar bits made me feel, once again, as if I could shout out and relieve myself of a lot of pain again.

Tonight, I am listening to the tracks from Dil Se. The film was not one of my favourites, though a definite top runner because it gave rise to a lot of trivia. Nevertheless, it was a memory stirrer. It provided me with one of the few links I could connect with my father after my mother’s death nearly 14 years ago.

The album featured the song Dil Se, which I still have as my caller tune, just because it is one of the few Rahman songs my father likes. Believe it or not, it’s playing right now!

Music, more than once, has prevented me from doing the stupid thing. Hope it continues to do so.

For you too, folks, no matter what kinda music you like.

Actually, it would be kinda cool to know what kind of music you like. Care to tell me in the comments section?


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  1. manjishtha
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 15:15:34

    I think the choice of music varies with circumstances just as the scent of the air changes with season. I equally loved and loathed the incessant repeats of our evergreen patriotic songs on Independence day. Now that we are almost on the doorsteps of autumn, ‘dhaaker awaz’ sounds nice as does the sight of bamboo pandals in the making and clay idols in the ‘baking’ 😛


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