The little things…

It was something very small. But not significant. It happened yesterday, and I still can’t stop smiling when I remember it.

Yesterday, while I was going to office by auto, we had to stop at only traffic signal on the way. And there, right next to my auto, was a car that was carrying little children back from school. Of them, one of the little girls looked towards me.

Without thinking twice, I pulled a face. A funny one. She did not laugh at once, but I noticed a hint of smile on her face when she looked away. And as is the habitual curiosity of little children, she couldn’t look away for more than a few seconds.

This time, I pulled another funny face, and her lips cracked into a beaming smile. Just about then, the traffic moved a bit, and another vehicle came between us. She craned her neck to catch another glimpse of me, and I gratified her with another of her funny faces.

The traffic signal turned green, and my auto turned right. Her car went straight on. She craned her neck a few times more, and I tried a few more funny faces. And I still remember her smiling face.

It was something very small. But not insignificant. I managed to make her smile. And the purity of that smile cleansed me of quite a lot of the negative emotions I had been accruing over the past few weeks. It gave me the strength to power through a few more of such weeks. Precious, wasn’t it?

Care to share any such experiences you had?


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  1. Shuvayu Bandyopadhyay
    Dec 29, 2010 @ 13:12:24

    Ooh yes yes! The little things we do count so much.

    It has always been my habit to get up and let old/sick people sit in my place in crowded buses or trains. Most of the time they sit down without acknowledging and I don’t mind, but this one day I had let an old frail lady sit in my place. Before getting down she smiled and placed her hand on my head and blessed me. That was such a warm feeling. 😀


  2. arpita
    Dec 29, 2010 @ 21:32:01

    Very nice!!!….this is something happens with me most of the days. I have a habit of talking with kids and always try to get along with them…one of the incident I still remember is….one day I was going for tuition in a metro…the metro was quite crowded…a little girl with her father standing out there…she has got exhausted with the crowd…I noticed that and started talking with her…..and then started playing just to distract her….in the mean time one lady got up from her sit..I told the little girl to sit down. But surprisingly she told me to sit first and she will sit on my lap :)…we had a nice time together. After few stations her father said it’s the time to go..gave me thanks for distracting her… she gave a sweet kiss on my cheek..and said bye… n I remember she was literally shouting “Bye”…n moving her hand to me until the train starts moving again..


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