They must be so confused!!

I am talking of Ram Gopal Verma and Madhur Bhandarkar here. Since Company and Fashion respectively, both directors have tried, more than once, to create the same magic they had in those films, and those just before them. And yet, no matter what they did, neither the critics nor the audience seemed to like what they did!

What both directors may have failed to realised is that they had become some or the other version of one-trick ponies, in some way or the other. Much to their dislike, and much in the way Manoj Night Shyamalan had.

Wonder if RGV has realised this, but the very plot or screenplay elements he used—and to great effect, I might add—in Sarkaar, Company or his other underworld flicks, might just be his undoing. How many times in his films have we seen some or the other major character speaking something that is of absolute importance to the plot, but the words are not heard and the background music takes precedence? Or those unusual, and sometimes near-impossible, camera angles?

As for Bhandarkar, no matter what industry he picks, his quest for showing its underbelly results in the same series of events!

Both these taits were initially lauded by critics, who saw these as a breath of fresh air bringing life to the stale plot elements of storytelling in Bollywood. however, as time progressed, the ideas grew stale, and yet, I think both Bhandarkar and Verma must be wondering what they are doing wrong despite putting in the same ingredients that had once transformed their films into critically acclaimed hits! Someone please tell them!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. /S
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 02:58:51

    Good writeup, but expected a bit more details and finger pointing to some specific blundered movies.


  2. Naveen Tripathi
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 09:29:11

    Yup. Someone PLEASE tell them !!!


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