Long overdue…

Yes, this post has indeed been looooooooooong overdue. And yes, it’s about Anna Hazare. Heard a lot about him, read a lot about him, and seen him in action, seen what he is capable of. Finally, we have someone who cares about what the f*ck our government is doing, AND take them to task! However, a lot has been said and written by him and about him, leaving me little scope to say something new.

But how about the way ahead for him? He says poll reforms is his next stop, and the agitation regarding the Lokpal Bill needs to continue. But how does he ‘armtwist’ the government time and again to make them bow to his wishes? It remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, it is indeed interesting to see how, instead of treating the symptoms, Hazare is bent on treating the actual disease. Most of India’s biggest problems today are caused by politicians who are too strong or too weak. In either case, power is being misused. A strong Lokpal and poll reforms should light enough candles on their a** to do the public’s bidding rather than risk losing their elected seat. This should solve several problems, from the farmer suicides in Vidarbha to the widespread instances of corruption permeating several levels of society.

However, how far Hazare succeeds remains to be seen, because one of his greatest enemies is his age. Also, as of now, he has no strong follower to whom he can pass on his mantle. So many questions right there! But, instead of leaving you with them, here’s something on a much lighter note.


Have a nice time, and please, keep tuned in to my quiz blog!


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