Sooooooo many mistakes!

Rohit Shetty and directors like him are lucky they aren’t showing their work to a more discerning audience! Granted, that Hindi films were never one for logic, and most of today’s Bollywood hits are hits because they take us into an alternate reality, where the hero can punch a hole through a wall and the villain’s henchmen, and even the crack marksmen, have atrocious aim with their guns!

But what I saw in Singham today defies even a lot more logic, let alone the laws of physics! Here’s a short list.

  1. When Bajirao Singham first alights from his motorcycle at his home, the licence plate shows that the vehicle belongs to Goa. But we are given to understand that this is a village in the interiors of Maharashtra!
  2. Second, Jaikant Shikre is shown as a criminal-turned-politician. and he belongs to Goa. If he is a state-level politician, how come he has enough clout to get a police officer transferred from one state to another, that too from a state where he has no political effect? And if he is a national-level politician, which gives him the required clout, how come he is never shown visiting Delhi to exercise the clout?
  3. When just a little judicious policing and detective work could expose every facet of Shikre, why does Singham choose the hot-headed way?
  4. The way Singham destroys public property with gay wanton, why doesn’t the police department act against it? I mean, what logic does he have for uprooting a public lamp to beat up the baddies?

I leave it up to you to unearth the rest of the discrepancies. Feel free to add to this list. I will update it over time. And will try to dissect more films like this. Wish me luck, folks!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nandini Gupta
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 16:56:04

    keen observations, but Orko… if u continue like this, i’m sure some B’wood director wil give a supari to kill u…


  2. S.A.M.
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 17:14:47

    i’ve got only one thing/reason to furnish:

    Bharatiya Janata thrives on filming of the normal day-to-day experiences with such superfluous and illogical detailing.
    After all, “jo public maangti hai woh dikhana padta hai; aur jo dikhta hai, wohi bikta hai!”


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