A ‘normal’ love story

How many times have we come across ‘love stories’ that people say are right out of our lives! And just as almost every boy-meets-girl seemed exhausted, here’s Chuck Lorre (the guy who gave us Two And A Half Men and the deliciously geeky The Big Bang Theory) with Mike and Molly, a sitcom about two overweight people who meet each other, and begin liking each other despite a LOT of problems!

Now, I agree that ‘overweight’ guys do not necessarily have equally overweight girlfriends, and vice-versa, but it’s still heart-warming to see how two people can fall in love, despite being not-so-perfect, and accepting each other’s imperfections. Dumbledore would be happy, actually. “…There’s a little more love in the world.”

Oh, and in case you are feeling tired, emulate these fine young things.


I know I will! Good night!


The ‘bad porn’ feel to gol gappa

It totally freaked me out! This guy, having just finished his quota of gol gappas (known alternatively across the country as paani puri, gup chup, paani pataashi, or, as they refer to it in my own Poschim Bongo: phuchka / fuchka), and was inhaling his air as if he was the girl who was being fingered or f*cked in a bad, home-made Indian porn – the kind that they have in MMSes!

Now honestly, I am not a fan of these 3gp-format videos, but I will admit that I had to see one or two of them for a non-pleasurable purpose. And was appalled and disgusted in equal parts at what was taking place in that grainy, hazy, wavy piece of video!

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I am every bit the red-blooded youth as the next one, but this was something else! I actually just brainstormed five whole minutes to find the exact words to describe it, and came back blank!!

But that was then. And it returned today, at one of the most unexpected places of all! Here was this guy, sucking air into his mouth from between clenched teeth, and looking lecherously at one of the young girls who had come to stand beside him for her share of the snack! Of course, she couldn’t stand it, and had to move a few steps away to keep her attention on the gol gappa and not on the disgust at the act.

It made me wonder if I too, at some point of time, had done something like that, obviously obliviously. Please forgive me, the unknown-persons-I-have-offended. I know now EXACTLY how you might have felt!